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Why Spend Money on Reducing Something That You Can’t See, Taste or Smell?

Because It Can Kill You.

    The number one cause of lung cancer for non-smokers is from radon. Radon is the number two cause of lung cancer overall. Recent studies have also linked radon to malignant skin cancer and leukemia. In the United States alone it’s estimated that 21,000 people die from radon exposure each year.

    The harm from exposure to increased levels of radon is exponential. It’s akin to the Richter scale for measuring earthquakes. Because the natural outdoor occurrence of radon averages .04 PiC/l it’s technically impossible to reduce radon levels to zero. However, JustRadon.Com routinely reduces radon levels to under 2.0 PiC/l and very often under 1.0 PiC/l.

    Radon is a naturally occurring gas that originates from uranium deposits in the ground. Uranium deposits are found throughout the United States. Some states, such as Iowa and South Dakota, have more radon than others but there’s no state that’s free from radon. In fact two thirds of the deaths from radon result from levels below the 4.0 PiC/l established by the EPA as the “action level” for radon reduction. The World Health Organization maintains an action level of 2.7 PiC/l. Every health organization in the world agrees that there is no safe level of radon gas. Exposure to any amount of radon gas can be toxic eventually. Low levels of radon exposure over long periods of time result in the highest rates of terminal illness.

    Radon enters a home by way of a vacuum created by unequal atmospheric pressures between the inside and outside of the home. This disequilibrium draws radon up from the soil and into the house. Wind, rain, temperature and mechanical means can each, or together, create the forces that draws radon into the home. Although radon is 8 times heavier than air it’s easily distributed throughout the home through the HVAC system and natural convective currents.

    Radon reduction to low levels can be completed cost effectively by depressurizing the soil beneath the home. This is done mechanically.  First by sealing the slab the home is resting on, or sealing the soil in the crawl space with an impermeable membrane. Then piping is installed from the slab to a fan specially designed to create a vacuum 24 hours a day 7 days a week for years… without fail. The exhaust from the fan is piped above the roof line where it is vented into the air. Within 3 to 4 feet of the exhaust exit the radon gas dissipates to levels that occur naturally.

Radon Causes Lung Tumors

Radon has been proven to be the number one cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. A study completed in 2017 also links radon exposure to malignant melanoma and leukemia.  Every health organization agrees that there is no safe level of radon gas.


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